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Where: Andromeda Ascendant, Hydroponics Bay
When: Following the fight in the Loft eariler this week


Trance's voice rang over the ships comm system.

"Dylan, you might want to come down to hydroponics."

A pause.

"Ari's here and she's scared, and she won't tell me what's wrong."

Ari sat huddled under a tree as the golden-skinned sun avatar came back and knelt next to her. "Why don't you want to talk about it?" she asked softly, draping a slim arm over the blonde's shoulders.

"Just don't," Ari mumbled, looking up at the sound of footsetps, smiling just a bit as her "big brother" walked in. "Hi Dylan," she said softly, looking away a bit.

"Thanks Trance," Dylan said as the woman slipped into another part of her garden. Kneeling down beside the woman he's come to consider a sister, he combed his fingers through her honey blonde hair. "Talk to me, Ari. What happened?"

"I did something really dumb," Ari replied in a hoarse whisper. then she started to explain. "There were these two vampires that wanted to start crap with Fritz....then Mark sent us all outside to fight it out and locked us all out until it was over. Esme and I weren't planning on getting involved, but then her brother stuck bees down Sid's pants. Sid got pissed and went to choke Eldred...and here's where my really dumb decision comes in."

Dylan canted his head to the side a bit, waiting for her to continue.

Ari looked away, clearly ashamed of herself. "I took that travel screwdriver that I usually use for self-defense and stabbed him in the shoulder with it to get him to let Eldred go." Haunted eyes looked back up at Dylan as she continued. "If Esme and Marcus hadn't gotten between us...." Her voice trails off. "And what sucks is, I told Marcus I'd stay out of it and I didn't keep my word."

Dylan wrapped his arms around Ari and squeezed. "At least you're okay, so don't beat yourself up over it, all right?" He reached up and tapped her nose. "Promise me? No long-lasting guilt trips."

Ari chuckled a bit and nodded. "Yeah I promise," she says, returning the squeeze.


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