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Ari's Memoirs

the journal of a telepath who wishes she wasn't

Arista Louise Aldenberg
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Name: Arista Louise Aldenberg ("Ari" to her friends)

PB: Victoria Pratt

Birthdate: November 10th, 1983

Birthplace: Portland Oregon

Current Residence: Gresham Oregon

Occupation: Computer Technician

Likes: Reading, hot chocolate, hanging out with friends

Dislikes: Admitting she's a telepath, fights (see personality)

Personality: Ari is very nice, unless a fight breaks out, then she either gets scared(like the time she walked into the Loft in the middle of one) or decides to get involved, like the fight that prompted this drabble. She is also a bit naive, in that she knows about all the bad stuff in Portland and the surrounding areas, but is sure that as long as she keeps to herself, she will be fine.

Short Bio: Ari was born to Avery and Lucinda Aldenberg in November of 1983 in Portland Oregon, and has lived there or in the vicinity most of her life.

She had a reltively normal childhood growing up in Southeast Portland, until she was 13 years old and in seventh grade at Alice Ott Middle School. That's when she started hearing voices in her head; she eventually discovered that they were the thoughts of her classmates, and that she was a telepath. She spent the first semester of seventh grade teaching herself how to control it, Then pretty much ignored its existance unless she needed to boost up her shields.

After graduating from David Douglas High School in 2001, Ari went to college, graduating in 2006 with a degree in computer science, and has since opened up her own computer repair shop from her home.

She has since been asked to return to her old college to teach computer science, and is curently pondering taking them up on the offer.

This journal is used for RP and stuff in charloft and is not meant to infringe on any rights.